The Trendiest in Technology: Wearables, Phablets and E-visits

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Financial Services Firm Deloitte’s?tech trends prognosticator-in-chief, Duncan Stewart, presented the firm’s?13th annual Canadian TMT (technology, media and telecommunications) predictions report today.

Data was sourced from global industry players and online polls.

The prediction stated that this 2014, the trendiest gadgets will be the wearables, phablets and “e-visits”.


People would want to have their gadgets right at their very skin. Wearable computers, also known as?body-borne computers?or?wearables?are miniature electronic devices that are worn by the bearer under, with or on top of clothing. It can be the smart glasses by Google, the Samsung’s wristwatch or the Samsung Galaxy Gear, and other gadgets that will move simultaneously with the movement of the users.

“When we look at wearables, we’re excited. This is going to be big,” Stewart said. He also added that the sales of wearable gadgets are more likely to surpass a total of?$3 billion in 2014.

download (7)Phablets:

We have already told you about Forbes’ prediction that Phablets will be bigger this year (in sales, not in sizes) in spite of the initial rejection it got from the mass. According to Bob O’Donnell,?the founder of Techanalysis Research and one of the world?s greatest technological experts,1 total of 175 million Phablets will be sold internationally. If it will happen, it seems that Phablets will beat the sales of other smartphones and other small scale and large scale tablets.


It is true that people will never get enough of their hardware gadgets, but because of the trend of applications, people will realize that it is a lot more efficient cheaper to invest on softwares.

“Less money for hardware means more money [that can be spent] on software, services and content,” Stewart said. He also elaborated that people will try to focus more on better date speeds, applications, and downloadable music and movies for 2014.

images (4)E-visits:

Technology will also try to cover the field of health and wellness.

“There’s this thing called e-visits. It’s not sitting in front of a webcam, sticking out your tongue,” Stewart said. According to him, E-Visits are more like online databases and portals where people can enter their symptoms and get their diagnosis right then and there.

Still according to Stewart, doctors who have free time to spare will check-in and visit databases to respond to the patients.

Indeed, technology is on its way up to make the lives of people faster and more efficient.

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