Travel Tech Investors Create a Better Way to Travel Through Mobile

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Venture capital firms are not stopping from investing in companies that give consumers a better way to travel. Despite the existence of travel booking sites like TripAdvisor, Expedia and Kayak, the travel tech industry is geared toward accessibility and convenience. The advancement of technology has left travelers craving for better options to book accommodation, transportation and tourist spots from their mobile devices.

The Mobile Generation

Investors have poured millions into accommodation and travel companies around the world in the past years. This includes Room 77, Airbnb, Wimdu (Berlin), (Suzhou, China), Tuniu (Beijing, China), HouseTrip (London), Ostrovok (Moscow) and Hotel Urbano (Rio de Janeiro). Index Ventures? Ben Holmes said that the mobile industry has changed the travel landscape a lot. He added that consumers expect to be able to use their mobile devices to control their daily lives, which includes traveling. This travel concept has increased the interest of investors now that companies like GetYourGuide and HotelTonight have expanded their options for traveling on ? demand.

Book Trips with Apps


Travelers use their desktop computers to search and book for hotels, flights and tourist attractions months ahead. Today, they can now reserve a hotel room upon landing, book a next ? day flight with reward points, and request a vehicle transfer to the hotel. If you are the type of traveler who visits a foreign place without any plans, then Trippifi can show nearby friends. GetYourGuide, on the other hand, can suggest tours or activities that you can try while WorldMate will organize your trip.

These apps let consumers to expect immediate results, even in an industry where finding the best travel deals are seen by planning ahead. Atlas Venture?s Jeff Fagnan said that the major driver is how using mobile devices ease traveling and how much it changed traveling itself.

Access to Travel Guides on Mobile

Other companies providing services to travelers are also embracing the technological changes in the travel industry. Healthcare app TraveDoc has announced its plans to connect travelers to nearby English ? speaking physicians in the Middle East and South Asia. Fishfishme (worldwide fishing charter booking service), FlyteNow (private plane ride sharing service), and Sailogy (on ? demand yacht chartering service) have also announced technological changes in their services beginning 2014.

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