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Travel Apps You Think You Don’t Need But Actually Do

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Travelling to a new or unknown place can be scary. You don?t know anyone. You don?t know where to go. You don?t know the directions to the place you want to reach.

At times like this, we will gladly thank the gods of technology for the creation of travel applications which are easily accessible through our smartphones and tablets. So many convenient apps are available now in the market to help us reach our destinations.

Some travel apps are ignored, but only at certain times will you realize their sheer importance. Aside from location and directions, what other things do you need to worry about on your trip? What apps can help you with these things?


  • Perfect World Clock


This app provides easy access to the time in hundreds of cities worldwide. It pretty much helps with the condition of your jet-lagged brain. Nothing really much more to do with this app, but it is still an essential download especially if you are the person who likes adding several clocks as widgets to your home screen.

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  • TravelSafe Pro


This app is pretty convenient. It contains a database of emergency service numbers for all the countries in the world. You can also easily pin certain services to your home screen as widgets for easy one-touch access to the police, ambulances and fire engines. Embassy details are also provided should passports go missing.


  • Hostelworld

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This is especially useful for backpackers and people who travel from time to time. This app is a Geo-tagged directory with 25,000 listings of budget hotels. There is also no need to fret about which to choose because there are over 3.5 million user reviews. You can surely find quality places to stay at for an affordable price.

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  • WorldMate


WorldMate is like a virtual assistant. Forward your confirmation emails for flights, hotels, hire cars, restaurant bookings and more to and the app will instantly generate an itinerary of your entire trip. Isn?t that really convenient? If you upgrade to its premium version, the app will even work better. It will keep track of your activities real time; it generates alerts to let you know if your flight is delayed or a reservation is cancelled.


  • HopStop


For the travelers in a new place, this is the best app to download. It will provide you with public transport information about the world?s biggest and busiest metropolitan stops. Catching a bus or walking down the street? This app will definitely help you with that. Just a few taps, and you will be given a step-by-stop itineraries.


  • PinPin ATM finder


If you happen to need a few bucks, but don?t know where to get some, this app will work for you. It will give you directions as to where the nearest cash machine is. Over 220 countries are listed in this app. Getting cash in an unknown place can be quite scary, but don?t worry, this app can get you back to your hotel safely in no time.


  • Foodspotting

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There are so many apps now that focus on mainstream and popular restaurants but if you want a true gastronomic adventure in a new city or country, then this app is for you. It has user-generated recommendations from your local area. That means whatever you want or crave for will be given to you through a list of places near you.


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