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Transistor From Super Giant Games Is Set to Take on PS4 on May

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Transistor From Super Giant Games Is Set to Take on PS4 on May

London, United Kingdom – The wait is almost over for all the fans of the Transistor as Super Giant Games says that they will release it on PS4 on May 20.

The blog solely designated to the updates of the game has made it official. They will also take over the Windows PC on this date. However, there were no rules yet about the features that will make it compatible with the versions that came before the PS4.

They will be selling more if they will make it available on PS3. However, they will have to add more to the game plot to make it more attractive.

The Availability of the Games

The games will be available via downloads and in game stores, as well. They will be surely out on anything that supports Steams. They have not released any information regarding pre-orders yet. However, they are already thinking about it and they will say a word soon after they have discussed it.

The Transistor will always be available in different languages. They have included seven of the most widely-used languages in the entire world to cater to a much wider audience. They have included English, Spanish, German and French among others.

There is not much need to save for it because it is relatively cheaper than the other games for PS4 and the updated Windows PC. For 15 up to 20 euros, the materials can already be yours.

How Exciting Could the Transistor Be?

The transistor is an action-packed game from Super Giant Games. It is about a young woman who will fight with all her might against the bad forces. She will be working with a giant sword named the Transistor.

There are loads of activities offered in this game. Aside from combatting against the enemies, the protagonist can also work with maps and planning developments to protect her area. It is also one of those games that can let you personalize everything.

You can choose your own maps, your own forts and territories, and so on. This just means that even when the game is done, you can repeat it over in case you want to use a different technique.

Game developers should be like Super Giant Games. Never stop improving as the world will not stop if you do not. There will always be competition that will topple your products down. In this case, will the Transistor make it?

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