Transformers Universe, A League of Its Own

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According to Jagex Game Studio?s VP David Nicholson, it is hard to categorize Transformers Universe as it doesn?t quite fit into existing game genres.

The game started out as a traditional massively multiplayer online role playing game, but continuously evolved to fit the brand. It now blends several aspects of different game genres.

Nicholson commented on this by saying: ?MMOs have been a growing genre for many years now and it?s been interesting to watch the transition from traditional MMORPGs through to MOBAs and on to war games like World of Tanks?. He went on to add: ?We don?t like being pigeon-holed and feel that Transformers Universe, as a blend of strategic, tactical and collaborative game play is best described as a multiplayer online tactical action (MOTA) game?.

By having a diverse and multi-faceted game, the developers hope that the game?s appeal would be high and far reaching.

Transformers Universe is based on the 2010 computer generated animated series named Transformers Prime. Players would collect Transformers that are designed by Jagex and upgrade their weapons and abilities to send into battle. The storyline will, of course, be based on the two factions : Autobots and Decepticons. Players will be able to pick a side they want to fight for and each time a battle is won, the players can then progress to the next part of the storyline.

The game has many strengths. There is a collecting aspect as the game offers players the chance to collect great Transformers warriors and send them into battle. There is also a competitive side as these Transformers will go head to head with other Transformers in battle from anywhere around the world. Apart from this, there is a storyline as well as different game modes to suit how players want to play the game.

The storyline for the game is key as people are familiar with the concept of the Transformers and, as many characters are related to what has been seen in the animated series, it should get players to be more engaged with the game.

Transformers Universe will be a browser based game and is still under development. No release date has been given as of yet.

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