Transformers 5 Action-Packed Footage Released Alongside An IMAX Promo

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Transformers 5

People who love massive explosions and gigantic robots bashing each other would definitely love this footage. Transformers 5 or Transformers: The Last Knight is Michael Bay?s fifth masterpiece.

Surprisingly, even those moviegoers who don?t really like Michael Bay are actually intrigued. Why? The fifth movie isn?t just about robots going at each other this time around. This time, King Arthur is surprisingly involved.

Transformers 5 Footage

Recently, there are rumors about a trailer kicking off very soon. That being said, Paramount has now released an IMAX promo alongside the first proper footage of the next Transformers film. As can be seen, the video shows a lot of intense moments as well as how well the scenes are made.

Transformers 5

Obviously, there?s a lot of explosions. Heck, it wouldn?t be called a Michael Bay movie if it doesn?t feature an exploding building at the very least. Furthermore, a lot of details regarding the upcoming Transformers 5 are revealed in the video.

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Details such as Mark Wahlberg dangling from a car in a place that looks like London. Anthony Hopkins towards the Stonehenge. King Arthur?s army striding forth valiantly towards their explosive deaths.

Massive bank vault being destroyed by, of course, explosions. And last but not the least, explosions, lots of explosions here and there.

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IMAX Entertainment CEO, IMAX Corporation Senior EVP Greg Foster told viewers that Bay helped build IMAX. Foster also added that Bay pushed them to be more nimble and for the 3D to be more seamless.

According to the director Michael Bay himself, they are shooting with IMAX 3D and the results are phenomenal. That being said, there is no doubt that the movie will definitely capture sci-fi action fans? hearts everywhere.

Who?s In The Upcoming Movie

The movie Transformers 5 or Transformers: The Last Knight is directed by none other than Michael Bay. It stars Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, Jerrod Carmichael, Josh Duhamel, Anthony Hopkins, Santiago Cabrera, and Peter Cullen.

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