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Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark Hints And Tips

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Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark is an awesome spin-off of?the Transformers film series. Players take control of the Autobots in their pursuit to vanquish the villainous faction Decepticons. No better way to lead your fearless squad than to have a sturdy battle plan.

Here are a few?Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark Hints And Tips to get you started on your dubious jaunt to restore peace and justice.

  • Acquire Unlimited XP

In Chapter 2: ?Ruins of the Crystal City ? The Lost Vault?, there?s a neat trick that allows you to farm XP, use this niche to your advantage. The first objective will be to: ?Search for the Leaders of the Insecticons.? Three insecticon hordes will attack you before you can face their leaders. Defeat them and immediately proceed to the terminal in the area. Interact with it and exit out of it. This will save your progress and the XP you obtained from the scuffle.

Go to the menu screen and select: ?Restart from Last Checkpoint?. You?ll respawn just before you fight the three Insecticon swarms. Defeat them again and your XP will increase. Repeat the pattern underhandedly.

  • Loadout Hack

Go to the Hacks menu and follow the instructions below:

More Health ? It provides players a +125% XP bonus and forces adversaries to drop a huge amount of health. Avoid this hack if you?re aiming to get more ammo pick-ups.

Tough Guys ? Offers players a +200% XP bonus, increases enemies? damage, and decreases their overall health. One helpful tip, look for a good hiding spot and carefully evade rival attacks.

Exploding Enemies ? Allows players to earn a +75% XP bonus and detonates enemies on sight. Find a secure place to retreat and watch the fireworks.

More Ammo ? Offers players a +75% XP bonus, reduces your health, and forces adversaries to leave behind an increased amount of ammo. One helpful tip, look for a good hiding spot and carefully evade rival attacks.

No Shield Regen ? It provides gamers a +300% XP bonus and prevents your armor from repairing itself until you slay an enemy. One helpful tip, look for a good hiding spot and carefully evade rival attacks.

  • Assault Hint Guides

Use the following tips below and your tactical skills in combat will increase overtime:

X18 Scrapmaker ? Wait for the cool down phase to pass first and then you?re good. Players are also free from the hassle of reloading, Kudos!

Melee ? Use this to your advantage and execute at close range.

Thermo Rocket Cannon ? A powerful weapon with a low ammo capacity so warily conserve your inventory. Locking on to a target is a breeze, making shots more precise and steady.

Riot Cannon ? Having trouble with a pack of enemies? Use your Riot Cannon, one round dispatches multiple rivals with its widespread discharge. Just upgrade its ammo capacity to get more firepower.

V32.CYBR Corrupt@r ? It forces enemies to turn to your side, a nifty technique to slow down relentless foes.

Nucleon Charge Rifle ? An accurate sniper rifle that requires time to recharge. When you?re aiming it, use it from a distance to avoid enemy attacks.

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