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Every Transformer has a default set of primary weapon, and your loadout can be adjusted many times throughout the game. Once you have unlocked a weapon by finding it in a gearbox or by just picking it up, you are allowed to switch to that weapon at any loadout terminal. However, not all weapons in Rise of the Dark Spark are made equal, so let us take a quick look at some of the best weapons you should be focusing on.

Riot Cannon
The best primary weapon in the game, no argues. The Riot Cannon inflicts considerable amount of damage and has a very wide blast radius. Only few enemies can withstand one or two shots from the cannon and live. If you also have a good aim, the wide blast radius will let you take out multiple foes in a single shot. While the Riot Cannon?s ammunition is not that great at first, it can be upgraded.

Nucleon Charge Rifle
This is the essential primary sniper rifle in Rise of the Dark Spark. It will take you a moment to charge once you look through the rifle?s scope. The charge indicates the power and range of your shot. This is an ideal weapon, especially if you have a good camping position. Obviously, the precision nature of the rifle makes it very useless at close-range combat.

Thermo Rocket Cannon
This is undeniably one of the best heavy weapons in the game. The cannon can quickly lock-on an enemy and its missiles are very difficult to avoid. The Thermo Rocket Cannon also packs quite a punch, which means you won?t be needing to fire more than one shot per enemy. The only downside, this weapon has ?poor ammo capacity. Other than that, this weapon is very effective specifically on enemies that move around a lot.

X18 Scrapmaker
The biggest advantage of this weapon is the fact that you don?t have to reload it. This is very effective in a heavy-duty firefight although it has a bit of startup before it fires. Most of the time throughout the game, reloading is a hassle because you will need to fire your weapon continuously. Well, with this weapon here, you can do just that.

In a close-range combat, ?only a few weapons are better than a melee attack. Also, few enemies can survive a hit or two. If you are able to connect with the first, you will be able to hit them again while they are grounded. Just be careful of your enemy?s attacks too, as the power of their melees is generally as effective as yours.

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