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Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark Best T.E.C.H. Assists

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In Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, when you make a custom loadout for the single player campaign or the multiplayer mode, your heavy and primary weapon selections are only the beginning. You get to select three T.E.C.H. assists that are equally important in single player campaign mode, and also most important in multiplayer Escalation mode. Here?s a compilation of some of the most useful T.E.C.H. in the game.


Energon Heal Burst
In the multiplayer Escalation mode, if you are a team player and you?re the support of your team, this assist will be ideal for you. This assist not only heals your allies, but also gives them the ability to heal over time. It means that your allies will continue to heal slowly long after you use the Energon Heal Burst. Including this one in your three slots is a good idea, just in case you and your team get into trouble.

Energon Recharger and Shield Restore Booster
This assist allows you to regenerate health at an alarming rate. Energon Recharger regenerates so fast that it makes your character almost invincible for a short period of time. When you equip this assist with the Shield Restore Booster, you may be able to rush down the enemy without having to worry about taking damage. The Shield Restore Booster replenishes your shield quickly, and it should be used soon after the effect of Energon Recharger wears off. This will double your defense ability.

Guided Cluster Greandes
These grenades are very difficult to avoid. It would be a great idea to use Guided Cluster Grenades around a group of enemies because they will surely take damage or possibly get destroyed.
If you are looking for an offensive loadout, you should include this one in your arsenal.

Diffraction Barrier
While this assist stops enemy fire, that?s not the primary purpose of the Diffraction Barrier. You and also your enemies can walk straight through the barrier, and the barrier doesn?t move at all. Enemies will easily be able to get around once you lay the barrier down. So if you?re looking forward to using it to blast away at your enemy to safety, it is only gonna be helpful for a little bit of time.

The ideal time to use this is when you need to replenish your shield, while you don?t have much cover. Just toss it and stand behind the barrier while you wait for your shield to replenish. You can fire at your enemies during this time, but be aware for a smart opponent will rush towards you to reduce your barrier?s effectiveness.


Vehicle Booster
In Rise of the Dark Spark, aerial vehicles are better than the ground ones in most cases. That is when this assist comes into play. While in a vehicle mode, this assist increases your damage and armor. It has the same effect whether you transform into a ground-base or an aerial vehicle, but it?s far more useful for the aerial ones. Either way, this one is good in both offensive and defensive, so adding this in your arsenal would be great.
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