Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark Best Hacks

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Each time you stop at a loadout terminal in the game, you are able to add a single hack to your current session. Hacks generally change some parameters in the game. It can possibly make it more difficult, but in return, you?ll be getting more experience points each time you defeat an enemy. There are numerous hacks in Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, and some are better than ?others. So, here?s a compilation of some of the more beneficial hacks you can use throughout the game.

Tough Guy
Once you get the hang of how the game works, this hack will give you a 200% boost of experience points, but the downside part is that enemies will inflict more damage and also have less health.
This will only make things difficult, especially if you tend to get hit more often. However, if you are good in hiding until your shield regenerates, and dodging enemy attacks, this hack is well worth it. Also, your enemies will have less health so it will only take fewer attacks to shut them off.

No Shield Regen
If you activate this hack, you will be able to receive 300% experience points boost. With this hack in place, you will quickly level up. Obviously, there will be a cost. Your shield will not regenerate like it normally would. Your shield, usually regenerates fast as long as you don?t get hit for a short period of time. But with this hack, you will only be able to regenerate your shield if you drop down an enemy.

More Health
This hack could make Rise of the Dark Spark easier or harder, depending on your weapons of choice. You?ll be getting a 125% boost of experience points if you activate this hack, and it also causes foes to drop more health than ammunitions. Some of the weapons in the game have a poor ammo capacity, and if those weapons are the ones you like using, then this hack ain?t for you. However, bear in mind that there?s plenty of ammo sitting around, and there are loadout terminals in the game where you can replenish your weapon?s ammunition. As long as ammo is not a big concern, the experience boost this hack offers goes a long way.

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