?Transformers? Prime Wars Trilogy Revealed At New York Comic Con: Franchise To Cover Comic Books, Video Games, And Web Series, And Michael Bay Won?t Have A Say In It!

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And here is a news about the Transformers that is more interesting than that Michael Bay version.

Fresh from New York Comic Con, a special reveal has been made from Hasbro that is all about their legendary franchise. Nope it is not Marvel or even Star Wars, it is the Transformers, where it has been part of Hasbro?s line-up since it made its debut in the mid 80?s. Now Hasbro is launching a large event that will cover different media, from comic books to video games and an animated web series.

It will be called the Prime Wars Trilogy and it will start with the Combiner Wars arc that has already concluded this year in the comic books that began with IDW Comics? First Strike (Transformers #33-38) and Combiner Wars (Transformers #39-44 and Transformers: Windblade #1-3) along with a toy line featuring two Combiners such as the Aerialbot Superion and the Stunticon Menasor. Despite the comic book arc has ended, the toy line for Combiner Wars still continue until next year with newly released figures such as the Protectobot Defensor and the massive Construticon Devastator plus more upcoming figures for next year. A Combiner Wars web series was also announced as a collaboration between Machinima and Hasbro. Combiner Wars heavily focused on the Transformer Combiners as both Autobots and Decepticons picked sides during the war.

The recently released game Transformers: Devastation from Platinum Games is also part of the line-up as a prequel to the Combiner Wars arc. After the Combiner Wars, the Titans Return will soon follow in summer of 2016 with a new comic arc to launch along with a line of toys to join. Titans Return marks the return of the popular Headmasters which was briefly introduced in the classic Transformers cartoons.

Hasbro expects the trilogy will end in late 2017 or early 2018, hopefully more mature-oriented story will be introduced to long-time fans of the series but still continue to provide kid-friendly content for the newer audiences.

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