Transformers Devastation Review: ?It?s A Great Game!?

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If you think the 80?s Transformers are cool, then the latest Transformers game is indeed cool.

Transformers: Devastation is now available and if you are a fan of the classic 80?s cartoons or a fan of lightning-fast action games from Platinum Games, you will going to like this. Some game reviewers has also tried out Transformers: Devastation and their feedback were good, so we rounded up some gaming sites that made a review for the game.

Destructoid 8.5/10

I’m not even sure if there are G1 fans out there anymore. It shouldn’t be a deciding factor when picking up Transformers: Devastation though, as it’s a great action romp by any right. Just be ready to deal with a few nitpicky issues.

Metro 8/10

You don?t need to be a Transformers fan at all to appreciate Devastation. No matter what its origins this is a fantastic action adventure, with great combat and fun visuals. Bayonetta has clearly been an influence but that?s only one element in a game that transforms freely from melee fighter to racing game to platformer and back again. It is, in short, more than meets the eye.


This could have been a licensed disaster, but I believe the team may have learned from Korra’s shortcomings. The storyline is cheesy 80’s goodness, the voice acting is top notch, and the gameplay feels satisfying on nearly every level.

Somehow, Platinum Games was able to make a combat system for sentient cars that can transform at will, feel just right. That’s saying something.

The asking price might be a bit high for those that simply blast through the story, especially since the game lacks any sort of multiplayer or co-op component. But those that like to dive deep into their games, Devastation offers a bunch of collectables and challenge missions, to keep your playtime going.


You can grab a copy of Transformers: Devastation right now at your favorite game retailers, available for the home consoles and PC.

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