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‘Transformers: Devastation’ Trailer Excites Comic Con With Fun And Fresh Action

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Optimus Prime dive-rolls into the ground before transforming into a Truck, then reverts back to whack his enemy with a combo attack and launches the enemy in the air and performs aerial combos with each sword slash gratifying echoing a loud thud whilst an epic rock song jazzes in the back ground. The 2015 Comic-Con San Diego (SDCC) game trailer of the beloved cartoon series Transformers: Devastation?looks to impress with its 80?s cell-shaded graphics with fun and fresh action that Platinum Games is regarded for.

Platinum Games seems to have taken care that each animation of the transformers have an impact and look and feel satisfying to do over and over again. Firing guns, whether you are on-foot or as vehicles, packs a punch as it makes you feel the recoil of how strong your firearms are, making you feel like a badass who is relieving his amazing childhood show. Merely punching or swinging a sword looks spectacular as a blazing trail of light accompanies your movement along with a whizzing sound and a cracking metal thump as you connect with your attacks. Everything comes together in an ensemble.

The animations for transforming into vehicle also amazes as a ray of light flashes when a decepticon transforms into a jet or when Optimus Prime reverts back on two feet and as his feet his the ground, a subtle botch of white dust becomes visible.

While Transformers: Devastation looks like the original cartoon series, the gameplay feels oddly too fast for robots. Autobots dodging strikes and sliding under enemies to counter attack looks weird. But arguing that the developers should make them slower and move more sluggish to make them move more realistic would be damning as the gameplay actually looks thrilling.

Transformers: Devastation?s new direction is actually a nice change of pace from the previous games. The game looks to be in well hands as developer Platinum Games seems to be working with the same efficiency as they did in their previous games Bayonetta, Vanquish, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

The trailer looks topnotch. Hopefully the gameplay will be as fun to play.

The game will be released for XBOX ONE, Playstation 4, XBOX 360, Playstation 3, and on Pc.

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