Transformers 5 Rumours: G.I. Joe Crossover Possible? Dwayne Johnson And Bruce Willis To Join Cast? Megan Fox To Return? Optimus Prime And Unicron Encounter Revealed!

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The ?Transformers? movie franchise is set of to release their new inclusion of ?Transformers 5,? which may return familiar names such as director Michael Bay and academy award winner Mark Wahlberg. In addition to the big names, an actress known as Megan Fox may also be returning for the next ?Transformers? sequel, reports from The Gospel Herald.

Paramount Pictures is very aware of the demand the ?Transformers? franchise has catered to every moviegoer around the world. From cars turning into robots and robots riding dinosaurs, the movie franchise has become a world-class entertainment for the whole family.

Michael Bay returns

According to reports by Day Herald, Michael Bay will be returning to direct ?Transformers 5.? The fact that Bay helped the movie gross over $1 billion in the box office from just the $200 million budget is a reminder to bring him back in. For the rumors about Megan Fox returning for the fifth installment, she is only interested in returning to the franchise only if Shia LaBeouf will be joining as well, stated by Day Herald.

For the next movie to have the exceptional plot like the previous ?Transformers? movie had, Paramount assembled a team of writers which includes Robert Kirkman, from the Walking Dead, Ken Nolan from Black Hawk Down, Gabriel Ferrari of Ant-Man, Matt Holloway and Art Marcum of Iron Man, according to Day Herald. These are just a few names for what should be the most exciting CGI movie ever that will be made. This team of writers will be headed by none other than Akiva Goldsman, known for his work on the movie ?Beautiful Mind.?

G.I. Joe crossover

Paramount Pictures has also reviewed the idea of having a G.I. Joe crossover for the movie. It will apparently star Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis for the new movie, although reports are still not disclosed on whether or not this will happen, reported by Gospel Herald.

Ultra Magnus Prime and Unicron

Transformers 5 will apparently have different plot lines, one of which will take Optimus Prime to the Quintessons, the creators of the Autobots, with the help of his second-in-command, Ultra Magnus Prime. It will be a final face-off between Optimus Prime and his team with the feared leader of the Decepticons, Unicron, Day Herald shared. The fifth installment is set to release in theaters sometime in 2017.


More new transforming robots will apparently be featured in the next installment acoording to Kpopstarz.com. Robots such as Blitzwing, Cyclonus, Scrounge, and Red Alert will be joining ‘Tansformers 5.’ Reports have also confirmed that Nicola Peltz, who played Cade Yeager’s daughter, will be returning to the fifth installment, shared by Kpopstarz.com.

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