Transformers 5 The Last Knight Cast, Plot: Trailer Shows No Autobots; What Happened To Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and the Rest

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Teaser for Transformers 5 The Last Knight has been released. Those who have already seen it may find it odd. This is due to the fact that the newly released teaser features no other Autobots, aside from Optimus Prime.

What does this bode for Optimus Prime and the rest of the alien robotic crew?

Are they out of the franchise for good? If they are, it would be interesting to see if they will be replaced by other characters.

Many are surely looking forward to see what happens next in Transformers 5. It is the ninth highest-grossing franchise in history. The news about Michael Bay working on a fifth film in the series did not come as a surprise for many.

The next film in the Transformers series seems nuttier than ever. Latest The Last Knight story news claims that the film will star Anthony Hopkins, Megatron, Nazis, Churchill and King Arthur.

Transformers 5 Plot and Characters

Transformers 5 spoilers suggest that Optimus will definitely be back. This is contrary to recent speculations that he will no longer appear in the upcoming film. Fans might get more excited to know that he is set to return along with a revamped version of Bumblebee.

Even Hound will be part of Transformers 5 cast. Several fans are fond of the character because he can change into a military vehicle. Hot Rod and sniper Bot Crosshairs will be back too. Fans are hoping that Megatron and Bumblebee will also be back.

The teaser for Transformers 5 basically announces that the film will be released in June. The teaser shows Optimus Prime looming large. He has purple eyes. Fans were used to seeing his eyes blue. The sudden change in the color of his eyes has now left fans to assume that he will belong to the dark side.

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Rumor has it that Optimus Prime will return to its home planet. He eventually learns that he can restore Cybertron through a mysterious artifact. It also happens to be the source of Merlin?s magic powers. Could Optimus Prime manage to restore Cybertron to its former glory? Fans will know the answer to this when Transformers 5 premieres in June 2017.

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