Transformers 5 Cast: Only These 2 Actors Are Back To Reprise Their Roles So Far

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Fans and viewers are curious to know about the much anticipated Transformers 5. The film will be reportedly shot in two locations–London this coming June and later in Detroit. The Transformers team is working on roping in actors, especially the supporting cast who will be able to work in both locations.

According to the Transformers World, “The film, produced by Paramount Pictures and currently using the working title of E75, will begin shooting in June 2016 in London, England with additional scenes to be filmed in Detroit. Casting directors are now setting up auditions for new lead and supporting roles. Extras, stand-ins and photo doubles will be cast closer to the start of production this summer.”

The fifth installment of Transformers will see Daytime Emmy Awards nominee Peter Cullen who returns as the voice of Optimus Prime and two-time Academy Award nominee Mark Wahlberg to reprise his role as Cade Yeager. These two are the only cast members that have been signed up for the film as of now.

The direction will be under Directors Guild of America Award winner Michael Bay and the original screenplay will be written by Academy Award winner Akiva Goldsman. The writing team also includes Ken Nolan, writing duo Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, Andrew Barrer, Lindsey Beer, Gabriel Ferrari, Zak Penn, Jeff Pinkner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet. Bay Films will be producing the movie along with three-time Academy Award winner Steven Spielberg for Amblin Entertainment.

Transformers 5 will be the last movie wherein audience would be able to see Optimus Prime. It will have two main storylines. The first storyline will focus on Cade and his struggle to save the world with Autobots and Dinobots while the second one is based on Optimus Prime, his search for Quintessons, the innovators of his race, according to Movieweb.

Transformers 5 is scheduled for release in June 2017.

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