Trainers For Pokk?n Tournament Early Access Competition Finals, Named

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The dream of becoming a real-life ?professional? Pokemon trainer wannabes are just inches away for some lucky hopefuls. Who will take the helm position in the upcoming Pokken tournament?

A report from Nintendo Insider revealed that Nintendo of America has announced the professional trainers that will assume the coaching jobs in the regional Pokken Tournament Early Access Competition.

And who are these lucky guys? They are Justin Wong, Eric ?Esam? Lew, Reepal ?RIP? Parbhoo, Will ?DK Will? Walsh, Justin Flynn, Shaun ?Fab? Swain, Nairoby Quezada and ?Tasty Steve? Scott. Want to learn more about them? Watch it on the free video-watching site, YouTube. These coaches will be battling it out on March 17 as they go to Nintendo NY store in New York. What?s at stake? The top 2 finishers will be rewarded with Wii U, Pokken Tournament. They will also be present on July 1-3 in Columbus, Ohio for the 2016 Pokemon US National Championships. (Wow!)

Winning in the National Championships will be more exciting as the winners will advance to the prestigious 2016 Pokemon World Championships. Please take note of the the word – ?WORLD. That?s how big and challenging this battle.

It should be remembered that Nintendo and the Pokemon Company International has revealed that the Pokken Competition will also be part of the Pok?mon Championship Series this spring. The Early Access Competitions are set by Nintento to prepare the players for the bigger battle.

According to a separate report from Nintendo Insider, the regional competitions are open to the public, with the coach wannabes to be divided into two age divisions. Those who were born in 2001 and later will be the first bracket while the participants born in 2000 or earlier are in the next bracket.
Expect on the 18th of March the launching of Pokken Tournament for Wii U worldwide.

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