Train to Busan Zombie Film: The World War Z of South Korea?

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Train to Busan Zombie

The Train to Busan?zombie movie is breaking box office records in South Korea, according to an August 7 Soompi report. Train to Busan has officially hit the 10 million viewers mark, beating ?A Violent Prosecutor? film?s 9.7 million viewers mark.

Actor Goo Yoo, who plays the lead role Seok-woo, was overwhelmed by the reception of the movie. He previously stated, ?Even imagining reaching 10 million is terrifying. I would be happy with five million. Even five million would be my highest score ever.?

Hollywood has never run out of zombie movies, and it keeps getting better and better each year. Director Yeon Sang Ho was praised for his excellence in producing ?Train to Busan?, which can stand alongside Hollywood?s best zombie movies such as World War Z, Resident Evil, 28 Days Later, and Zombieland, to name a few.

Some say that the movie was probably inspired by the plane cabin scene in World War Z, which they say was also freaky enough that it could also have its own spin-off. The zombie outbreak inside the train is as terrifyingly good. It is very refreshing to also see zombies instead of ghosts in Korean movies or any Asian movie for that matter. Those who have seen the movie also say that they were actually surprised that the special effects didn?t come out cheap even though the film was said to be low budget. ?

So what would you do if your last chance for survival is to get on a train and stay alive until you get to Busan? That would be about 2 hours and 50 minutes of stress and paranoia. You have no guns nor any weapon whatsoever (which would probably be the case in real life). This is the story of Train to Busan: A man (Gong Yoo), his estranged daughter, a pregnant lady with her macho husband, together with other passengers, struggle to stay alive in a speeding train during a zombie outbreak. Reaching Busan is their only hope as it is said to be the last safe city in Korea.

Watch the trailer here:

If the movie is not yet available in your local cinemas, you may want watch its animated prequel ?Seoul Station? for the meantime. Train to Busan zombie movie and Seoul Station zombie animated film are both set in the same universe.

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