‘Train To Busan Sequel’ Release 2017? Date, Plot Hinted By Gong Yoo: Director Says He Lives? [Spoilers]

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The runaway hit, Korean Zombiecalypse movie ‘Train To Busan’ Sequel is already in the works as early as now, as producers of the film already in talks with interested producers from US and France who are interested to make a remake of the film which earned $100 Million in the first few weeks alone.

This is according to a report from Variety, which says that?Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox are?the leading outfits who are keen at making the remake of the popular movie that’s still being aired in various countries all over the world.

?Although no deal has yet been decided or signed, we?re in talks with major studios and indie production houses in Hollywood and France that are highly interested in remaking the film,? a source close to the negotiations told the media outfit.?The film was produced?by Next Entertainment World and represented internationally by Contents Panda.

Aside from Sony and Fox, other interest bidders of the remake include France’s Gaumont,?Canal Plus and EuropaCorp, and it’s possible to know of final details by end of September.

Train To Busan Sequel Release

This could actually mean that a sequel is imminent very soon and could possibly come out by end of the year or early 2017 — this, after main actor Gong Yoo tweeted confirmation of a Part 2.

In another report, pop Korean news site Soompi also said that Gong hinted a possible sequel plot to director Yeon Sang-Ho, hinting that his character continues to live but as a zombie. The director however clarified that it’s not possible and that Gong’s character, Seok, died by breaking his neck when he sacrificed himself by jumping from the train.

?I talked about this with Director Yeon Sang Ho, and I said that I thought my character Seok Woo might be living somewhere as a zombie,? he told Sports Chosun.

Another possible plot is that the lovable character played by Ma Dong

Instead, they brainstormed that Ma Dong Seok?s lovable?character, Sang-Hwa, will be the one to survive. It can be remembered that when Sang-Hwa stopped the zombies from attacking, they actually didn’t show him being eaten. Can this be a similar case with Walking Dead’s Glen in Season 6?

?But Director Yeon said that when Seok Woo fell off the train, he broke his neck and died,?but I suppose since Ma Dong Seok?s character is living on as a zombie, they could do a sequel from his character?s perspective.?

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