‘Train To Busan’ Cast Member Kim Eui Sung Commended For Role In ‘W Two Worlds’ Korean Drama

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Kim Eui Sung – Photos from NEW Entertainment and MBC

Train to Busan cast member Kim Eui Sung has been receiving rave reviews for his role in the hit zombie movie. Aside from this, the veteran actor is also being praised for his dual-character in the popular Korean drama W Two Worlds.

W Two Worlds

W Korean drama is about Oh Yeon Joo [Han Hyo Joo], a problematic female surgeon who teleports between reality and a webtoon. The fantasy dimension called ?W? was created by her cartoonist father [Eui Sung]. This is where she falls in love with an Olympic gold medalist and media mogul named Kang Chul [Lee Jong-Suk].

Aside from being Yeon Joo?s loving father and author of ?W,? Eui Sung?s alter ego is an assassin who torments the lead characters. He initially started as a no-face killer, so fans were shocked when the kind cartoonist was revealed to be the antagonist later on in the series.

A rep from the MBC series talked about the 50-year-old actor?s unique character. “Giving an identity to the killer who had no face is going to turn the entire situation on its head,? Soompi reported. ?You can look forward to what the killer will do once he spreads his wings in the webtoon.”

The chief producer of W, Sohn Hyung-suk, was also all praises for Eui Sung. “Kim is doing such a great job. I appreciate that,” he told TV Report Korea. “A producer couldn’t be satisfied more.”


Kim Eui Sung’s double role in ‘W Two Worlds’ Korean drama – Photo from Facebook

Role in Train to Busan

Aside from being part of the hit k-drama, Eui Sung has also become one of the most unforgettable characters in Train to Busan?s cast. The movie follows the story of passengers who struggle to survive on a train from Seoul to Busan in the middle of a zombie-virus outbreak.

Eui Sung starred as the selfish transportation executive named Yong Suk. Although hated by those who have seen the film, his effective portrayal has been earning rave reviews all over social media.


Kim Eui Sung in ‘Train to Busan’ – Photo from NEW Entertainment

Descendants of the Sun movie next?

Released by Next Entertainment World (NEW), Train to Busan has been breaking records since its premiere. It debuted in 1,567 cinemas all over Korea last July ? reportedly the largest release in Korean film history.

Because of the success of the worldwide zombie thriller, k-drama fans could only hope that a Descendants of the Sun movie will be next in line. NEW is also the same production team behind the hit wartime drama, which will reportedly return for a second season this 2017.

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