Train to Busan 2 Confirmed; Gong Yoo Returning as the Leader of Zombies?

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Train to Busan is undeniably a huge success. Many are left wondering if there is going to be a sequel to the hit movie. Now, several fans will be delighted to know that Train to Busan 2 has been confirmed by actor Gong Yoo himself.

Yoo took to Twitter to announce that Train to Busan 2 is bound to happen. He wrote in his official Twitter account that the film will have a sequel. The actor said the second film is for everyone.

The film was an official entry in the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. It was reported that the film was recognized with a standing ovation at a non-competition screening during the said event. To say that the film is exceptional would be an understatement.

Train to Busan had remarkable appeal to viewers from all over the world. For many, the confirmation of Train to Busan 2 did not come as a surprise.

Gong Yoo Returning as an Evil Guy?

Fans hope that actor Yoo?s character has somehow survived. In the first film, he was bitten by a zombie and it appeared like he jumped from the train.

Since Train to Busan 2 has been confirmed, fans are dying to know if Yoo will return for the second film. Those who have already seen the first film are hoping that Yoo?s character could have somehow survived. It can be recalled that Seok Woo was bitten by a zombie. It appeared like he jumped off a train when he felt that he was already infected.

Previous reports claim that Yoo has spoken directly to director Yeon Sang Ho about his character. It looks like Yoo still wants to be part of the sequel. Fans are hoping that his character could have a special part in Train to Busan 2. It would be nice if Woo will be part of the next film so he could at least look after his daughter who has survived in the first movie.

Rumor has it that Yoo would definitely be back. But when he returns, he is not going to be the same person. He will allegedly return as the leader of zombies.

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