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How to Trade Pokemon in Pokemon GO, New Feature Coming Soon?

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How to Trade Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Almost everyone is talking about the brand new augmented reality game, which allows users to catch Pokemon in the real world. While catching Pokemon is one of the main things that gamers can do, one feature that has not yet become available is being able to trade Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Trading Pokemon is a big part of the previous Nintendo Pokemon games. It allowed players to trade with other players as well as to trade Pokemon to in-game Pokemon trainers. This feature certainly made it more fun. It, likewise, helped gamers in being able to collect all of the Pokemon in the game.

While that feature was certainly a hit in the old Pokemon games, Pokemon trading is not yet available in Pokemon GO, at least for the time being. Business Insider reports that trading Pokemon with other trainers is expected to be one feature that will be coming soon to the game. This comes directly from John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic Labs. The report said that it is currently ?a priority for the development team.?

That is certainly excellent news to many Pokemon GO fanatics out there. Being able to catch Pokemon is one thing but some Pokemon types can be very elusive. With the Pokemon GO trading feature, players who live in different areas may easily trade some of their Pokemon to other gamers. This will not only help make the game more enjoyable. However, it can, likewise, help foster social interaction within a Pokemon GO community.

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There is no word yet as to how a person can trade a Pokemon in Pokemon GO. It is likely similar to the way it was done in previous Pokemon games. While link cables were used in older Game Boy Pokemon games, the advent of Bluetooth is certainly going to make Pokemon trades in Pokemon GO a lot easier.

Be sure to check back here soon to find out when the Pokemon trading feature update is arriving in Pokemon GO as well as learn other helpful tips to guide you in dominating the game.

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