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Trade-in your vitamin capsules with real vegan food!

These vegan bites are more than just a supplement. They’re real food.

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Finding a vegan multivitamin supplement is not easy. After all, choosing plant-based alternatives for each ingredient requires a lot of effort, resources, and research. That’s why many companies are trying to avoid producing these. But, there is one brave brand that turns food into vitamins.

Meet GEM Daily Gut Essentials. The brand that lets you eat vegan multivitamins! Yes! Eat, not take, because these multivitamins are meant to be chewed and savored, unlike other multivitamins that are in capsules form. It’s like your yummy artisanal brownie bites!

GEM believes that the ultimate medicine is food, and it does so by bringing together a biodiverse system of whole foods to address the multifaceted nature of our bodies. GEM designs real food, nutrient-dense bites that are whole, never refined, and deeply nourishing on a cellular level. One of their real food vitamins is the Daily Gut Essentials.

This turmeric citrus ginger probiotic bite is designed with probiotics and prebiotics to target your gut with vitamin D, zinc, and turmeric that work together for foundational support across immune health, inflammation, stress, and skin.

You may think of it as a supplement, but the Daily Gut Essentials is much more than that. It is a new comprehensive multivitamin alternative. Each bite has more than 15 vitamins, minerals, and herbs from whole food-sourced ingredients that your body absorbs. Each bite can cover your nutritional bases and fill the gaps where you need it most. It works just like a supplement, but on a much different level. Because with the nutrients it contains minus the fillers and chemicals, it is food.

To simplify, GEM and its product, the Daily Gut Essentials, is your daily health companion that is purely honest with you. They are transparent, sustainable, and 100% real.

Millions of nerves and neurons help connect your gut to your brain. The role of GEM’s Daily Gut Essential is to nurture not just your body but your mind, too! Ever notice your digestion is off when you are stressed? The turmeric, prebiotics, and probiotics in this bite can help ensure your gut is in shape to support and calm your brain.

How to eat GEM Daily Gut Essentials?

  • Enjoy one bite daily, morning or afternoon.
  • For proactive immune support, take Immunity Essentials daily.
  • For acute immune support, eat up to 3 bites daily for at least one week.

Check out how the Daily Gut Essentials changed the way we take our supplements:

Many people find it hard to swallow or stomach vitamin capsules. If you are one of them, then GEM is the right solution for you. It keeps your sick days at bay and support your plant-based diet with a vegan multivitamin bite!

$39Try now for $1.30/day. Limited time only.

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