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Smartphones are easily becoming one of the most ?accessible? gadgets, that, even younger kids these days are getting their fair share of. Most social media sites are age-restricted, so that can take care of any parent?s worries, about exposing their kid too much, on what the internet has to offer. Tracking online activity is also easy to do with most smartphones, but tracking SMS is a different story.

Trust is something to invest in, but times when your kid constantly gets into trouble, or even if you suspect that they are being involved with things like drugs, you just need to raise your game in monitoring your little one and keeping ?track of what they?ve been doing. Unfortunately, this can?t be done by just merely eavesdropping or checking their room.

Fortunately, you?ve got SMS Tracker for situations like this.

Installing the app is the tricky part, so you?ll just have to get the app installed before giving the phone to your kid, or manage to snatch the phone while your kid is sleeping or busy doing anything.

To install the app, make sure that the phone accepts installation from ?Unknown Sources?, which you can configure in the phone?s settings.

After installing, the app will be cloaked as ?System Health? app and this won?t flash any notification on the phone at all. All you need to do to start monitoring is open that app (System Health), sign up, and log in. Once done, you can sign into the SMS Tracker site to verify the account. After doing this, you can proceed to the login page and check the messages with the registered device. You can see the text messages that went through, as well what was sent and the times, these messages are sent.

The free version is limited to text messages only, but the premium version that starts at $2 per month has features like MMS tracking, GPS tracking, call tracking, and even browser tracking.

This app is obviously more useful as it appears to be as it can be used to monitor not only your kid, but as well as other people. Just don?t get caught.

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