Toyota Features Amy Purdy Together with Their Latest Camry Model in #OneBoldChoice

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Toyota?s newest commercial about their latest Toyota Camry model features Amy Purdy. Amy Purdy suffered through a life threatening disease which resulted in having both her legs getting amputated from the knee down. Even through the painful struggle, she managed to push through it all and she even has a medal from Sochi to boot! Not only is she talented with a snowboard, she can even dance very well that she was featured in Dancing with the stars.


In the video we have here, Amy Purdy is featured as the famous words of Muhammad Ali are stated in the background. You see her snowboarding, dancing and doing photo shoots. She shows struggles in the video as well but she is able to triumph through it all. The car of choice is of course Toyota?s latest Camry. #OneBoldChoice is the tag line of choice by Toyota and it Amy Purdy is a very good fit for it.

Amy Purdy is a wonderful inspiration and what she has achieved through her struggles in life is nothing short of amazing. Willpower and determination will get you very far and if you choose to push through and persevere rather than blaming your bad luck, you will go very far in life. Toyota sure made a great choice with this commercial.

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