Toy Story 4 Release Date Pushed To Earlier Sched? Plot With Andy’s Mom Confirmed?

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?Toy Story 4? has been rumored to push ahead of its initial release date of June 16, 2017 to June 2018, in an effort to make way for the upcoming ?Cars 3.? It was previously confirmed that ?Toy Story 4? is already well underway and will star our longtime favorite toys Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Although the fourth ?Toy Story? movie isn?t scheduled to be release yet, creators are clamoring to bring a new and unique story to the Toy Story?s supposed final installment, according to the?Christian Post.

Woody and Bo Peep relationship

The movie will bring back Woody and Bo Peep that will change take their relationship to a whole other level. ?It?s something we?ve never done with Toy Story before,? John Lasseter said, from?BBC News. ?At Pixar and at Disney we only do a sequel if we have come up with something that?s as good or better than the original. That?s our rule,? he added. ?We don?t do things just to print money. It?s about great stories, that?s what we do.?

Andy?s mom

Although, director and Pixar leader John Lasseter has already revealed to us that the premise of ?Toy Story 4? will be the search for Bo Peep and the adorable romance of her and Woody, but recent reports suggest that another storyline may appear in the new movie. According to the Independent, ?one potentially unexplored angle for the sequel is the identity of Andy?s mom, with a popular fan theory positing that she is in fact Emily, the owner of cowgirl toy Jessie.?

Here are some other Pixar and Disney movies list by Variety until 2020:

Cars 3 ? June 16, 2017

Pixar?s Coco ? November 22, 2017

Disney Live-Action Fairy Tale Project (untitled) ? December 22, 2017

Gigantic ? March 9, 2018

Disney Live-Action Fairy Tale Project (untitled) ? November 2, 2018

Disney Live-Action Fairy Tale Project (untitled) ? March 29, 2019

Disney Toons Studio Project (untitled) ? April 12, 2019

The Incredibles 2 ? June 21, 2019

Disney Live-Action Fairy Tale Project (untitled) ? November 8, 2019

Pixar Film (untitled) ? March 13, 2020

Pixar Film (untitled) ? June 19, 2020

Disney Animation Film (untitled) ? November 25, 2020

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