Toy Designers Go Gaga Over #ComicCon2014

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Mattel sees no limits with their toy designs, especially when events such as #ComicCon2014 is just looming around. Interestingly enough, the building where Mattel creates limited-edition toys and collectibles is just a few blocks away from Los Angeles International Airport.

A Hotwheels themed shuttle transports Mattel?s cool employees, the amazing guys and gals who have spent almost more than a year to create 10 toys that are specifically tailored for the Comic-Con crowd. This includes a replica of Batman?s Bat Mobile for the upcoming next-gen game, Batman: Arkham Knight and a 9-inch tall action figure of Superman?s arch nemesis, Doomsday.

?It?s one of the coolest things we do and we don?t have to worry about retail. We don?t have to worry about margins. We don?t have to worry about operational efficiencies. We only have to worry about creating the coolest toys for our fans. Period.? Mattel?s senior vice president of global brand marketing for toys and entertainment, Doug Wadleigh stated.

However, these toys won?t be made available for purchase in stores and only a very small quantity will be available during Comic-Con. Because of this, Mattel designers are encouraged to use premium quality materials and create amazing packaging for each of the toys. These exclusives can range from $20 to $85, but you can expect the amount to go higher especially for items which will be put up for auction.

But the limelight is focused on Mattel?s Darth Vader die-cast car. It is the first and official collaboration of Hot Wheels and the Star Wars franchise. The car looks like a combination of Chevrolet Corvette C5 and the head of the master villain of the Star Wars universe, Darth Vader himself. It is enclosed in a sleek-looking black box encased in Darth Vader?s Lightsaber replica.

?We?ve been trying to partner with Lucasfilm and Disney on this property for a long time,? Wadleigh said. ?It took us time to get them to understand how Hot Wheels and ?Star Wars? could be married together to create a unique opportunity within the vehicle space. It blows me away to finally see it come to life in such a beautiful form. It?s gorgeous.?

Several toy makers are also making their appearances in the event with their toys, collectibles, comics and books. This includes Mattel?s competitor, Hasbro, with their Marvel superhero figures, etc.

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