Tour de France: Questions Raised as Chris Froome Jogged Up Mont Ventoux Sans His Bike

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The rule says, you have to carry your own bike and reach the finish line to get counted, but that?s not the case for Chris Froome when a motorbike crashed his bike at the recent Tour de France event. This is the question that surrounds the controversial race that led to the British racer going on a foot trip to Mont Ventoux.

The last leg of this year?s Tour de France brought the most unfortunate situation for record holder Chris Froome. During stage 12 of the race, his bike crashed, toppling the racer to ground along with other racers. With no time to spare and seeing how his Pinarello bike was totaled, he had no other choice but to run the remaining distance of the race, which is uphill Mont Ventoux.

Apparently, the motorbike that carries the transmission equipment took a halt after spectators ran some one kilometer to the finish line for the finale of the race, causing some of them to cross the line and on to the main road. Chris Froome rammed his bike under the motorbike and landed on the other side almost face first. Australian racer Richie Porte was also reported to have hit Froome during the incident.

Without any assurance that Froome?s team car will arrive soon with a spare bike, he immediately took to running the remaining distance of the race without his bike.

With some few minutes to spare and the other teams taking over the lead, Froome?s new bike arrived in time to see Richie Porte cycle past him. It was a disappointing race, a race that could have given Froome?s team the lead until such event occurred. They tried to appeal, as cycling rules include the time adjustment when an accident such as this happens. They could and will continue to appeal for the warranted time, but after the Tour de France race, Froome had only one thing to say: he?s content.


In an interview after the race, he said ?What a finish; Ventoux is full of surprises, I?m very content…You don?t want to take the yellow jersey like that; you want to take it with your legs, he?s the rightful holder of the yellow jersey.?

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