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Businessmen are expected to carry their business cards with them at all times. They give them out to people who they think would be valuable for their ventures. With the continuous technological development in doing business transactions, it is a wonder why business cards remain old school. This is why TouchBase Technologies came up with a new way to swap contact information by tapping the business card on the smartphone.

Digital Business Card

TouchBase Technologies made a scene at the DreamIt Ventures Accelerator in New York. It is an MIT setup that proposed a new solution to end the old school swapping of business cards. The technology will use the existing digital alternatives to transform the traditional business card into a high ? tech business solution.

These cards have conductive ink circuitry that similarly works as the fingerprint?s electronic signal. When you tap the card against the smartphone screen, the digital profile of the cardholder is sent to the phone in seconds. CEO Sai To Yeung said that business cards will always be a part of business etiquette.

Card that Links to Social Media Accounts


Tech companies have their own ways of trying to replace business cards. For example, Google?s Android Beam helps exchange information using near field communication or NFC. Unfortunately, this feature is not considered as a business card alternative since it is not compatible with iPhones.

Google also attempted to give it another try with the now shuttered Bump. It is a mobile ? to ? mobile sharing app that also failed to succeed because QR codes look ugly on business cards.

The TouchBase business card does not only transfer digital contact information of a person, but also has links it to the cardholder?s social media accounts. Another interesting feature is the card?s ability to show creative projects on the digital profile. This will allow business contacts to gain enough knowledge of a person?s background in just a tap.

Cloud ? Based

The TouchBase digital profile is cloud ? based, which means you can update your information anytime you wish. Users can also view who has tapped their digital information. There are still a lot of room for improvement on this technology since it can only run on limited mobile device models. It also cannot transfer data to your Contact list.

Yeung said that they are still working on the project for improved flexibility, especially in terms of the card itself. They also plan to make the apps available for iPhone and Android. The company?s Indiegogo campaign will fund until March and the MIT startup has so far raised almost half of its $30, 000 goal.

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