Popular Meta Search Engine Shuts Down Mysteriously

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About two weeks ago, KickassTorrents, otherwise know as KAT, was seized and shut down by the federal authorities. This week, world?s biggest torrent search engine, Torrentz, closed without any sound explanation at all.

For those who are unfamiliar with the said site, Torrentz work much like Google. But instead of showing results for articles and other web pages, it shows meta search results only for torrents hosted by other torrent hosting sites such as KAT. Torrenting is a file sharing technique with data spanning different sources across the entire internet. After 13 years of operation, Torrentz has made its presence known to the torrenting community. Right before it shut down, it ranked 186 on web-ranking service Alexa. This puts it ahead of sites such as and Flickr.

At the moment, the Torrentz website is still online. With the message:

?Torrentz was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines”

However, the search function has been disabled. If users first try to search from the site, they get redirected to a random website. On the next try, the website displays:

?Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.? Shuts Down

Attempts to reach Torrentz?s operator, who goes by the name ?Flippy?, have been unsuccessful. Although he reportedly told torrent tracking site TorrentFreak that he will not be commenting on the matter.

It is rather mysterious since there has not been any news regarding any direct legal action against the site?s operators. For one, Torrentz is a search engine. It does not host nor enable direct exchange of files. This gives Torrentz some legal cover. Although it has received audit from MPAA and RIAA previously, it complied with the DMCA request to remove links to pirated contents on its website.

Perhaps the site?s owner is trying to make a clean exit before being outlawed by the authorities like they did for KAT and The Pirate Bay.

It is quite unclear as to why Torrentz?s operator suddenly decided to close shop after only 13 years. One thing is sure though, that Torrentz will be missed.

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