Torrence’s Top Ten E3 Predictions

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Ok guys, I promised you I’d post this on the Warzone and here it is. For every prediction I get correct, a random Bitbag fan will receive free E3 swag. All notification will be done via the forumz. If you haven’t created a True Gamer account yet, make one and start posting!

Now for my predictions. I’ve thought really hard about these and even if none of them come true, it’s really fun to post predictions. I’ve literally thought about this stuff for a month and now it’s all here to spark some heated debates.

  1. Microsoft finally announces Radiant Silvergun for Xbox Live. Treasure already said that if Ikaruga did well on Xbox Live that they would possibly port over Radiant Silvergun.
  2. Microsoft finances Duke Nukem Forever and the game sees a release date on Xbox 360 and PC. I’ve already outlined this in a post here.
  3. Sega reaches into the bag of old and pulls out…Panzer Dragoon for next gen systems. I have nothing to back this up.  I’m just praying.
  4. Sony brings back Syphon Filter in next gen form. No data to back this up but come on!!!  It just has to happen!
  5. Squaresoft announces a Japanese version of FFXIII for the 360. I really think this is gonna happen.  Could care less if it does, but I just have a feeling it will.
  6. Squaresoft announces a new Kingdom Hearts for PS3.  It’s a no brainer. What else have they been doing?
  7. Nintendo announces a new Donkey Kong game for the Wii. It’s about time for a new DK.  Mario needs to take a back seat.
  8. We finally get to see the GT5 in full force. Seriously, if they don’t show GT5 I’ll kill someone.  It’s due out next year and now’s the time to show the press.
  9. Turn 10 announces Forza 3. Everyone thinks they are working on this game and we’ve even seen the logo for the game.  I’d really like to see Forza 3 go up against GT5 this year.
  10. Spike shows the new Firepro Wrestling game for next gen. If there’s any chance of me dying during E3, this is the announcement that will kill me.  It’s already been announced that it’s in the works.  All they need to do is deliver.

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