Toriko 396 Finale Chapter and 395 Recap: The Grand Wedding; Awakening of Toriko?s Demons

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Toriko 396 Finale Chapter and 395 Recap

Our leading man, Toriko, is finally keeping his promise to Rin and marries her after the battle with Neo. The wedding is featured in chapter 395 and it is the grandest celebration, according to all the attendees. Komatsu instantly became the highlight as head chef of the dinner reception. Here is a recap of chapter 395 and spoilers for Toriko 396.

Everyone Around the Dinner Table

Toriko and Rin had 5,000 guests during their wedding. It was Toriko?s life-long dream to eat with everyone and the occasion was just the perfect setting. Toriko, with the help of Komatsu, serves ?his Full Course Menu to his friends and family. While Komatsu prepares each dish, he recalls the adventures that took place when hunting the ingredient. The time he and Toriko shared will definitely last a lifetime in his heart.

Another touching moment during this climax chapter is the spirits? table. Ichiryu, Jirou, Froese and Acacia were gathered there enjoying the celebration. Midora appears seeing them and Froese tells him to ?come eat here with your family?. This makes Midora cry and it transforms him to his younger self. He runs to the table like a kid excited to be with his mommy.

Everyone is very satisfied and in high spirits after eating the best ingredients in the world. Some of these are God, Center, the Billion Bird?s Egg, Air and Elephant Endophant Steak to name a few.

Toriko 396 Spoilers

Rumor has it that the final chapter will focus on Toriko?s other two demons. Since he has taken control of Red as well as completing his first Full Course, it is expected that he will try to unlock two other FCs to awaken the second and third demon.

Toriko 396 Finale Chapter and 395 Recap

Upon Neo?s defeat, he brings back all the food he has eaten back to Earth, including the ones from the ?Blue World?. Fans say that these ingredients will trigger Toriko?s second demon to awaken. However for the Wing Demon, since his power is immense, it?s hard to predict how Toriko will awaken him. Let?s find out this week!

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