Toriko 389 Spoilers and Toriko 388 Recap: Starjun is Alive! Acacia Evolves Again

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Toriko 389 Spoilers

Fans are going crazy about chapter 388. All the massive battles fought previously will probably be reduced to a warm-up now that a much bigger and destructive battle is coming our way. The rest of the heavenly kings and Bambina are back, including Teppei, Brunch, Nakaume, Ootake and Komatsu. They?re all there to help Toriko and Midora end Acacia+Neo. Even Pair has a major role in this. Here is a chapter 388 recap and Toriko 389 spoilers.


So picking up from when Toriko?s Appetite Demon fed himself to him, Acacia now wants to take it for himself. Acacia attacks and Toriko easily evades without a sweat. Then Toriko soon discovers that within him is a raging appetite called God. This completes his Full Course?s Main Dish. All that is left now is his Meat Dish, which is Neo. Before Acacia could attack again, Bambina shows up and our hearts jump for joy.

It was also revealed that Bambina was healed from eating God while the rest of the Beast Kings, except for the Snake King, are somehow still alive but are having difficulty in regenerating. What?s surprising is that Komatsu says, ?God?s preparation is ready?. Does this mean Toriko needs to take another bite of God? The ever kind Toriko offers the other to eat God before he does. This is where all of Toriko?s friends come in, recovered and ready to lend a hand.

In Toriko 389, expect the remaining Eight Kings to be revived after eating God. Neo?s bites can be healed by eating God.

Toriko 389 Spoilers

Why we all eat

After seeing Midora carrying Starjun, Acacia sensed that Midora must have applied knocking on Starjun. Yay! Acacia then shares his philosophy on why we all eat. Who cares right? He goes on saying that there?s really no deeper meaning to it, we eat because our appetite drives us to. ?Appetite is, in it?s nature, selfish.? We eat for survival and we don?t do it to share with anyone. ?Only humans are ruled by their emotions? Acacia adds.

Chapter 388 also reveals that Starjun and Toriko were born simply from Acacia?s Appetite (figuratively out of lust and not out of love perhaps?). Acacia goes on to explain why investing in emotions is pointless compared to an appetite that is eternal. Such as Midora?s rage did not destroy Acacia?s Appetite in the end.

The flavor of despair

Acacia begins to attack once again and this time he plans to crush Earth. Just as everyone begins to panic, Pair comes and tells them ?whatever happens.. do not despair.?

The chapter ends with Aimaru entering Area 0 and finds a land overflowing with ingredients.

In Toriko 389, expect Neo to come out and take full control of Acacia. This will surely make Acacia transform once again. As Toriko put it this chapter, ?show yourself Neo,? simply means he?s alive inside Acacia and is probably using him as a vessel.

We?d like to hear your theories for Toriko 389. Hit us up in the comments section below.

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