Toriko 388 Spoilers: Eight Beast Kings Fusion? Midora?s Demon

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Toriko 388 Spoilers:

So much feels from chapter 387! First with Starjun?s emotional farewell and gratitude for his brother, Toriko. Followed by a nostalgic scene between Toriko and his appetite demon, Red (Ogre). Just how strong is?Toriko now that he has powered up? Here are Toriko 388 spoilers.

Acacia + Neo versus Toriko +Red

In chapter 387, Torkio meets one of his demons, Red (Ogre), who somehow appears before him in a real body. This appetite demon reveals that he has regained power to become complete, now that Toriko has eaten his Full Course. ?He says that after Toriko eats Center and then Toriko is eaten by his appetite demon, only then will Red will be resurrected. The process begins and Toriko transforms into a funny looking bald guy with thick eyebrows. Because Red?s emotions were shaken by Toriko?s sincere gratitude and value for his presence, he decides to join him instead. Red is then resurrected as Toriko.

Some say that Toriko+Red have a perfected form as opposed to Acacia+Neo. This perhaps explains the difference in physical transformation. Toriko looks like a better version of himself because him and Red are ?one?. While Acacia looks like a monster because Neo is probably fighting for control.

In Toriko 388, once Acacia+Neo weakens from battling Toriko+Red, Neo will take over Acacia?s consciousness.

Toriko 388 Spoilers:

If this happens, will the Eight Kings still have a role in this battle?

From the looks of it, Acacia+Neo, Midora and Toriko+Ogre are way above the level of the Eight Kings. The Eight Kings could not even capture Neo before he was eaten by Acacia, so what more with the capture level of 30,000. Rumor has it that instead of fighting, they?ll aid Toriko in some way, like perhaps fusing as one beast to collectively increase their capture level and then allowing Midora or Toriko to eat them.

Midora?s Demon

Looks like this battle will be dragged on for another couple more chapters. We have yet to find out about Midora?s Demon. There have been speculations that his demon has the ability to copy the abilities of others. Hopefully we learn more of his demon in Toriko 388. It?s about time now right? Could it be that Midora?s demon is at the same level as Toriko?s Red?

We?d love to hear your theories about Midora?s Demon! Post them in the comments section below.

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