Toriko 388 Spoilers and 387 Recap: My Brother and My Demon; Toriko-Ogre Vs Acacia-Neo

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Toriko 388 Spoilers

Picking up from Starjun?s tragic demise, Toriko tries his best to stay by his side during his last moments. Starjun reveals a rather amusing / emotional story about how he came to this earth. Toriko learns for the first time that they?re brothers, and that they are both biological sons of Acacia and Froese. Too bad, we wanted them to be Midora?s children! Here is a chapter 387 recap and Toriko 388 spoilers.

My Brother

After punching Acacia to the other side of the planet, Midora attempts to heal Starjun using his Minority World but fails. Starjun tells Toriko that he must eat god while he can. He also reveals to him how the two of them survived when their mother, Froese, died 500 years ago.

After Froese learns that she was pregnant with Acacia?s child, she plucked out her unborn children with the Placenta and encased it in a Back Channel and let drift out to sea. Their Placenta or encasing had tons of Gourmet Luck and centuries worth of energy and nutrients, Starjun took more and was born first. ?For everything you have given me ?til now… I hope this (his sacrificial death) some way repays you,? Starjun says as gratitude and farewell to his little brother. Starjun tells Toriko that the ingredient he has been looking for after all these years was Toriko?s kindness and his heart.

My Demon

While all of this is happening, Acacia continues to blab evil nonsense in the background. He sets his eyes on Toriko, wanting him to die as well. Just when he was about to attack, spirits came out of Star?s body, taking Toriko away from Acacia and settling inside him. He soon discovers that this is the flavor of god.

Torkio meets one of his demons, Ogre, who somehow appears before him in a real body. This appetite demon reveals that he has regained power to become complete now that Toriko has eaten his Full Course. ?He says that after Toriko eats Center and then Toriko is eaten by his appetite demon, only then will Ogre will be resurrected. The process begins and Toriko transforms into a funny looking bald guy with thick eyebrows. Because Ogre?s emotions were shaken by Toriko?s sincere gratitude and value for his presence, he decides to join him instead. Ogre is?resurrected as Toriko.

Toriko 388 Spoilers

In Toriko 388, expect to see a massive change in strength and power as Toriko comes back anew to fight Acacia.

Can Toriko?s new power up stand against Acacia? Midora will continue to be in knocking to allow us to savor the destructive and epic battle between Toriko+Ogre versus Acacia+Neo.

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