Toriko 385 Spoilers: Neo Takes Over Acacia to Defeat Midora? Neo versus Toriko

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Toriko 385 Spoilers

What a nice treat for Toriko fans as Toriko 384 update came earlier than expected. To our surprise, another major revelation happened and we cannot contain ourselves. The series is getting crazier by the minute and we are loving it. Here is a recap coupled with Toriko 385 spoilers.



Midora reveals that Joie is not Acacia and Froese?s child and goes to explain that when Froese ate the Full Course before she died, her sex changed from eating the soup Pair. Her new name now is Joie. This mind-blowing reveal about Froese being Joie reborn was just too much craziness. We believe (based on Joie?s reaction) that Joie was trying to stop Midora from telling the truth about him. Could Joie have known all along what Froese did or had Joie been hiding that he is actually Froese? Expect the story to delve on this detail in Toriko 385, and give us more hints as to who is Toriko and Starjun?s father or mother. Is it Froese? Are either of them the child Acacia is talking about? (Froese was pregnant when she died). Some say it is unlikely because Froese died 500+ years ago, and the years just don?t add up. But we say, hey this is Toriko, anything is possible in this series.


What exactly happened to the child after the sex change? We predict that again it would be some out-of-this-world tale as to how Toriko and Starjun were born.


Midora versus Acacia

Just by standing beside each other, Acacia and Midora created energy surges in the form of a giant tornado. This goes to show that they are at par with each other now and that their battle would cause a major disturbance in the whole universe. True enough, Midora first attacks Acacia with his Meteor Burst and sends Acacia flying into space, which Acacia counters with a bitch or rather man slap (Gourmet Spank) on the planet. Good thing Midora has Gourmet Luck and was able to send Acacia into space again, this time using his Hungry Blow.

Toriko 385


We predict that Midora?s role in this battle is to weaken Acacia, and that Toriko would still be the one to take the final blow. In Toriko 385, there is a possibility that Neo would take over Acacia from the inside (maybe another transformation from Acacia is impending). Midora will get destroyed by Neo soon, and then Toriko will come to the rescue with his third demon.


Fans are saying that the final villain would indeed be Neo and it would be a showdown between him and Toriko with his third demon and the eight kings.


We?d love to hear your thoughts on this. Post on the comments section below.


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