Toriko 384 Spoilers: Toriko and Starjun, Sons of Midora? All Three to Fight Acacia

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Toriko 384

What happened to the eight kings? We were expecting to see them in action again in chapter 383 but things took a different turn and we got something much bigger and definitely much more appetizing. Here is a recap coupled with some Toriko 384 spoilers.

Toriko and Starjun

When it was revealed that Starjun and Toriko are brothers or rather, twins to be exact, the next question that haunted Toriko fans was, who are the parents? Learning this fact can possibly direct us to understanding and predicting the powers of the two.

There is a speculation that Midora is their father because of their physical resemblances and that the mother could be somewhat related to Froese. In chapter 383, before Starjun could tell Joie, Acacia interrupts them and then Midora suddenly shows up too. What a painful suspense huh? Hopefully in Toriko 384, we?ll be treated to a backstory? Or like an awesome reveal while Acacia and Midora fight.

Toriko 384

Toriko?s Power Up

It is believed that Toriko got a power up to be able to use his third demon, Wings. As we know, during his previous state, Toriko?s body is not able to handle Wings. Such as if Wings goes on a rampage it would totally destroy Toriko?s body and kill him. So consuming the Red Nitro is really essential for this sole purpose. It?s just sad that Chichi had to sacrifice his life, giving up his 100% gourmet cells, to make this happen. Toriko 384 spoilers say that fans can expect Toriko to help Midora fight against Acacia and use Wings.

Acacia?s Defeat

The new Midora, though all big and mighty, will definitely not one-shot Acacia. Most predict that Midora?s role in this is to weaken Acacia. Midora might get beaten up?to make way for our main hero, Toriko, and deliver the final blow. (It is his series after all!) ?or maybe it could be a father and sons team up? Either way it would still be awesome.

It seems that we?re getting close to the end of this arc (hopefully not the series itself!) as the battle now is way above everyone else, heck, even the eight kings are being slaughtered. How will Acacia be defeated? Let?s find out!

We want to know who you think is the father of Starjun or Toriko, is it Acacia or Midora? Let us know in the comments section below.

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