Toriko 384 Spoilers: Joie is Froese Reborn; See Raw Scans Here

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Toriko 384 Spoilers

It was a major let down for Toriko fans when Starjun was about to say who his father was and then gets cut off. For a moment there, we expected this major revelation and we were about to jump in excitement, but Mitsutoshi just had to play with our wits once more. Hopefully he doesn?t drag this and we finally get the big reveal in Toriko 384.


We have got our hands on some of the japanese scans for Toriko 384, continue scrolling if you want to see spoilers.


Here is Midora looking really powered up.

Toriko 384 Spoilers


The earth gets hit with a palm attack. Some speculate that this was caused by Acacia?s gourmet spank.

Toriko 384 Spoilers

Toriko 384 Spoilers Toriko 384 Spoilers Toriko 384 Spoilers

According to a fan translation, Acacia explains the real story: Froese was pregnant with Joie when she died. Joie survives because of the cure water Midora poured on the grave. This reveals that Joie is the child of Acacia and Froese.


Then another translation goes, Midora revealing the truth: Froese ate the full course before she died, and the sex change happened when she drank Pair, that is Joie. So Joie is actually Froese reborn, not Froese?s child.


Acacia replies: So the child died huh? So what? Could this lead to Acacia not knowing that he has two sons, Toriko and Starjun? There is no clue on this so Midora is still a candidate to be their biological father.


The spat between Acacia seem to have ended with Midora getting pissed and so the massive, final battle between these two begins. Joie joins the fight to and transforms into god form and attacks Midora with his Sky Cutter to which Midora avoids with his gourmet luck.


It also says that Toriko 384 will end with Brunch finding Teppei and then reviving him with the Cure Water. Pair says, Teppei release the knocking and I?ll aide you.


Check out the complete (unofficial) fan translation here.


The above spoilers seem to be true as we all know, Toriko is some crazy ass manga and we are loving it to bits!


We?d love to hear your thoughts on this Toriko 384 spoilers. Post away below.


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