Toriko 383 Spoilers: Neo Eats Acacia From The Inside?

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Toriko 383

Since we missed Toriko for quite some time, everyone?s on their toes waiting for the moment that he?ll just suddenly spring up and appear out of nowhere. Well lo and behold, Toriko is back and he and Midora are hyped! The stage for the final battle is almost set as all the main characters seems to be moving forward and reaching their full power. Here are Toriko 383 spoilers and predictions.


Neo?s power is so overwhelming as demonstrated in chapter 832. Being able to withstand and destroy the beast kings is a feat only he can accomplish. Seeing that the beasts kings did what they could, even sacrificing their lives, shows how powerful Neo is and what strength he can pass on to anyone who consumes him.

In Toriko 383, it won?t be a surprise if Neo eats Acacia from the inside out and takes control of him which is Neo?s true nature. Fans say that if this happens, Neo would be a walking disaster being that he has so much power but with no direction (or consciousness).

Although, other fans oppose this idea because Neo is Acacia?s appetite/gourmet demon – but who knows, maybe Acacia will then lose his control over Neo.


Chapter 382 extinguished every ounce of hope that Acacia may somewhat be a good guy. It is fully clear now that his intentions are pure evil. Also, just as when we thought Acacia is in his final form, he eats Neo and transforms again looking like a Super Saiyan 4. What?s next for Acacia now that he has eaten Neo too? Saying that this is not even Acacia?s final form is making Toriko manga ridiculously exciting. Rumor has it that Acacia has one to two more forms left in the coming chapters.

Toriko 383

Midora and Toriko

Even if Midora ate the Full Course, this still doesn?t convince readers that he can beat someone like Acacia. But regardless, everyone is excited to see Midora at 100 percent. We are predicting in Toriko 383 that Toriko would have to team up Midora to inflict serious damage unto Acacia. Toriko chapter 382 also revealed what happens when Acacia and Neo are separated. This might be the key to beat them.

There are also speculations that Toriko will eat god and eventually allow him to control all his appetite demons. If this happens, Toriko would (undoubtedly) be insanely strong and unbeatable. We?ll find out in the next chapters.

We have five beast kings left, monkey king, horse king, wolf king, sky deer and dragon king, will they be able to stop Acacia in Toriko 383? How will this God Arc end? Let us know your theories in the comments section For more

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