Toriko 383 Spoilers: Acacia Versus The Eight Kings; Toriko Eats His Own Demons

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Toriko 383

Thanks to the efforts of Toriko and Brunch our hero, Midora now has Acacia?s Full Course to add to his Food Luck. Hopefully this would be enough to take Acacia. Fans believe that in Toriko 383, Toriko (and hopefully with his 3rd Demon) and Midora, together with the remaining four or five Beast Kings, will team up to take Acacia.

Acacia eats Neo

Pair wanted NEO to be perfectly revived so that Neo could be sealed, thus the plan to make Neo eat Acacia. But it seems Acacia had other plans and wanted NEO to eat GOD so he himself could eat NEO. Chapter 382 shows that upon eating Neo, Acacia transforms again for the 3rd time. Rumor has it that this would now be his Final Form unless Neo eats him from the inside and takes over.

The 8 Beast Kings

The last page of chapter 382 says that the next chapter, Toriko 383, would be Acacia versus the Eight Kings. But if we try to recall, only four or five are left.

  1. Bambina, the monkey king who lost most of his limbs
  2. Heracles the horse king whose head is blown off (but he has regeneration)
  3. Guinness, the wolf king who lost a foot
  4. Sky Deer, the deer king, the only one who seems to be unharmed ?
  5. Derous, the dragon king (Unsure)

So how is this possible? It seems that among this list, only Guinness and Sky Deer are at max level and capable of fighting. Also, we are not quite sure if Moon and Mother Snake are still alive but from the looks of it, they are heavily injured as well if not, dead. But who knows, maybe they?ll be back. After all they are THE eight beast kings. Fans say they shouldn?t be beaten easily just like that. Or maybe they have other abilities such as an 8 kings fusion? We?ll find out.

Toriko and his Demons

Toriko 383

We all know Toriko?s Demons: Blue, Red and his third one, his Appetite Demon. Fans are saying if Acacia can eat Neo then maybe Toriko can eat all of his Demons as well. Imagine how awesome is that! After all this manga is known to be ridiculous from the start so what would the odds that this doesn?t happen?

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