Toriko 383 Discussion: Are The Eight Kings Still Alive?

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Toriko 383

Readers of Toriko Manga are confused as to who among the Eight Kings are still alive after trying to stop Acacia and Neo. In discussion boards and forums, most agree that some panels in the recent chapters are confusing, causing everyone to debate about the interpretation. What?s more puzzling is that you think some of the kings are in no shape to fight or are already dead, yet, here comes the title for the Toriko 383 chapter: Acacia versus the Eight Kings. WTH?

So here?s the status breakdown of each beast kings. Let us know your predictions and if they are dead or alive in the next chapter in the comments section below.

Guinness, the Wolf King is definitely alive. Though missing his right paw, it looks like he can still fight.

Emperor Crow, the Bird King is most likely dead; if not really dead then close to it. Neo was able to bite through half of its body. Still, Emperor Crow attempted to blast Neo with appetite energy, but Neo remained unscathed. Snake King then swallowed Neo, preventing bigger damage from happening to the Bird King.

Mother Snake, the Snake King has a hole in her belly after Neo escaped by blasting itself out of the moon. We believe she can still fight in this state but perhaps not at max level.

Sky Deer, the Deer King is unharmed and is at max level. We can definitely expect to see him fight in Toriko 383.

Moon, the Whale King took damage when Neo rocketed himself out from Mother Snake?s belly and his mouth. From the panel, it looked like his cheeks were blown off.

Bambina, the Monkey King looks alive but is half eaten as well, like the Emperor Crow. Some say Bambina has another form.

Heracles, the Horse King is said to also have regeneration abilities, so it could be only a matter of time before he regenerates his head again, right?

Dragon King, Derous. It is said the Derous? fang holds regenerative powers that can also function as a Revitalizing Kitchen Knife. The said knife can instantly heal and regenerate damaged or lost tissue. It is still unknown if these are just properties of Derous? fang or he himself has regenerative abilities.

Prediction: Some say Derous never took any damage. He fired a laser at Neo and it?s hard to tell from there. Neo could have eaten the laser or avoided it, but nonetheless it looks like Derous was surprised. But before Neo could counter, he was summoned by Acacia. ?We are quite positive that Derous is alive and perhaps he has the power to regenerate or heal his comrades? Or maybe the Eight Kings has some kind of fusion ability and they become one super king.

Toriko 383

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