TOR: Software That Helps You Preserve Your Anonymity In All Things You Do Online

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The internet world is now the common source of enormous data from public to private to the most confidential and top secret files. No wonder it is the primary rendezvous of people whose main goal is to retrieve, attain and acquire confidential documents unknown to many.

The question is, how safe is your identity when retrieving these files? There?s a software called Tor and is known to be unparalleled when it comes to “anonymous use” of the internet.

Tor?s main purpose is to technically keep you anonymous while browsing through the internet by means of distributing your traffic records to various computers all over the world. Its ability to create alternative connections linked to the Tor network is what makes it even more exceptional.


Runa Sandvik was quoted that she likes the idea of logging on to a website anonymously keeping prying hackers from determining her real location.

The Tor software can be used on these various online activities:

Tor browser keeps you anonymous when browsing through the web. Its ability to distribute your traffic to numerous computers around the world makes it harder to track your location as well as information about your browsing history.

Email is another internet transaction used every single day. Although you may need to sign up for a new email account under the Tor browser, you are also securing your personal information from being traced. The Guerilla Mail as suggested by Runa Sandvik is your best option in attaining an arbitrary disposable email,?not even the Guerilla can trace or use the IP address given to you.

Mobile devices, as one of the fastest medium of tracing anything on the net can also acquire the Tor project. An app called the Orbot by the Guardian Project, which runs on Tor for android can acquire it using Tor as proxy.

For you to be able to maximize the capability of the software, Lee and Sandvik recommend using Tor?s OS such as The Amnesiac Incognito System and Tails. Snowden on the other hand is said to be an enthusiast of the said software.

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