Top Six Simple Tricks for Your Android Smartphone or Tablet to Smoothen Performance

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Your Android smartphone or tablet from last year or older may still run smoothly by simply cleaning out the system without flashing tools or rooting the device. Here are six ways to help maintain the smoothness of your mobile device.

Major Clean Out

After a year or more of usage, your Android device has stored junk files which can slow down performance. There are lots of apps available in the Play Store that can clean out your device, but let?s be cautious before downloading.

Clean Master app has been chosen by Sony Select as compatible with Xperia devices and that means it works great with every Android device. The app removes junk files, delete cache files, monitors unused apps and can boost memory by a simple click. In addition, you can set automatic clean up during screen time-out to extend battery against background services.

Exploring Storages

Apps leave folders inside the system storage (sometimes external storage) which contains the last activity you?ve performed with them. These folders consume space that you should remove too using file managers or root file explorer apps. You can download ES File Explorer to better search folders left by several apps you?ve uninstalled already. Folders left by apps are not located inside any system folders. This is recommended after uninstalling apps without any interest of reinstalling them back.

Deleting Screenshots

Screenshots are images captured by the built-in screen capture or by apps supporting such add-on. Since they are images, they also take up space inside the storage memory. Remove them after creating a backup or once you are done sharing them online.

Clean the Message Thread

Smartphones can virtually store unlimited number of messages and are easily ignored since they appear as message threads. However, too many messages and message threads with images or media files can slow down the app itself and even the system.

Every now and then, delete messages on your mobile phone to free up space and make the device perform faster again. If you want to keep a copy, simply create manual backup using apps for your messages on your computer.

Multimedia Hogs

Music and videos are great on every smartphones and tablets, but too much can affect overall performance on devices with internal storage use only. Use your computer and place multimedia files you use often on your mobile device, then utilise the huge storage space of the machine instead.

Keep Personalisation on Average

Live wallpapers and widgets are fancy decorations on your home screen which also consume memory. Get recommended live wallpapers, remove or uninstall widgets you do not use anymore, and limit home screen panes quantity if possible.

Smartphones and tablets feature high-tech functions such as video streaming, mobile gaming and Internet surfing. However, high-end mobile devices will end up struggling with performance due to lack of maintenance or management.

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