Top Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors So Far

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Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has just recently unveiled its latest flagship in the Galaxy Note 7 yet fans are already excited about the next big major release from the South Korean electronics giant. While it is still at least six months away, there have already been many Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors surfacing on the internet about the next flagship in the Galaxy S smartphone product line.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is still in the works and not a lot of official details are known about the device. Still, it has not stopped insiders from dropping some juicy leaks about the upcoming device. Here are just some of the top Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors that have surfaced so far.

  • Blazing Fast Processor ? The processor of the Galaxy Note 7 is certainly not something to scoff at but the rumored chipset of the Galaxy S8 is said to be on a whole different level. According to TechnoBuffalo, Samsung is rumored to be working on an Exynos 8895 processor which is manufactured using a 10nm process and has been clocked at 4GHz in internal testing. That will not be the actual speed for the Galaxy S8 but still expect a marked improvement in processor speed for the upcoming flagship.
  • 4K Display ? Another rumor which is floating around about the Galaxy S8 is that the smartphone may sport a beautiful 4K resolution display that will certainly be something users will drool over. This move is likely to maximize the use of the S8 together with the Samsung Gear VR, the company?s own virtual reality headset.
  • Curved Screen ? With the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has decided to do away with the regular version of the phone and only release the curved version. The same is said to be the case with the Samsung Galaxy S8. While that could mean that there will be no Galaxy S8 Edge variant, it could lead to Samsung releasing another variant with markedly improved specs.

So far, the Galaxy S8 sounds like an amazing smartphone. It is still more than six months away though so a lot of stuff can still change by the time of the actual launch. Be sure to check back here soon to find out more about the Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors and other trending topics about the upcoming smartphone.

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