Top Reasons For Jailbreaking Your iDevice Even with iOS 7

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We all know that Jailbreaking is very popular among a number of iDevice users. It is even more popular for users who like FREE stuff, but this is pretty subjective. You won?t have much reason for jailbreaking your iDevice aside from free booting and of course, Cydia, which is the main reason for jailbreaking.

The first thing you might ask yourself is why would you want to Jailbreak your iPhone/iPad. iOS 7?s update is particularly targeted to people looking for certain tweaks that were once only possible with a jailbroken iDevice. But they aren?t enough for some and as time goes by, more and more Cydia apps are being made that is probably not going to be included in IOS?s out-from-the-box setup.

Jailbreaking is an easy thing to do nowadays and you?ll just need common sense in order to pull it off. The only thing stopping you from jailbreaking your iDevice now would be the question; ?What?s in it for me??.

Like mentioned above, we will cut to the chase with free apps as this is just a ?bonus? of the things you will get after jailbreaking your iDevice. Cydia is the biggest thing for people who aren?t gunning for free full version apps. It lets you get more out from your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Here are some Cydia tweaks that you can get by jailbreaking your phone/tablet;

  1. 1.?????? GuestMode Cydia Tweak

We are hoping that this is going to be included in iOS 8, but chances are a bit slim. Cydia, however, made it possible for us. It is what its name implies. It adds a ?Guest Mode? on your iDevice. You can now let people borrow your phone without being worried about them peeking with each and every info you have on your phone as they will have limited access on stuff you specify.

  1. 2.?????? iTransmission Cydia Tweak

This is another one of the good reasons why jailbreaking is a good idea for people who know their stuff. It simply allows you to download torrents. Need I say more?

  1. 3.?????? Springtomize

It is a large collection of other Cydia tweaks that allows you to customize your iPhone/iPad like how you would with an Android phone and more. This is great for people who can?t get enough of customizing and find iOS 7?s ?major? overhaul with their interface, a bit lacking.

These are just a few of the nice Cydia tweaks you can get access into with jailbreaking your device. It boils down to one thing: Are you contented with what your device offers you. If the answer is yes, then you better stick to it. This will also preserve your phone?s warranty. If the answer is no and you are feeling a bit adventurous then, go ahead and jailbreak that thing.

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