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Top ‘Pokemon GO’ Tips From First Player To Catch All Pokemon

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With less than a month since the mobile hit-game Pokemon GO was released, we now have the world?s very first master of the game, Nick Johnson, as he already captured all 145 creatures that are currently available. So, for those who want to take the same path as his, here are some tips coming personally from the master.

It is a given fact that the game is not a joke because it requires you to be active, walking around trying to find the nearest Pokemon at your place. Now, the first tip Johnson gave is to communicate with the other trainers. According to the master, other players are the best resources for gathering information on where to catch specific type of these creatures.

Aside from the gamers, he personally recommends reading discussions on Reddit like Pokemon GO NYC Reddit, Silph Road Reddit and Pokemon GO sub-Reddit. Johnson mentioned that these are also some of the best ways to get knowledge about the location of the other rare Pokemon.

Now, time for some cardio. To capture all the Pokemons, it is important to hatch several eggs because they are hosting rare creatures inside them. However, to do so, you will have to take a walk, and according to the Pokemon GO master, it is best advice to wear comfortable shoes because it is indeed going to be a long journey.

Johnson also shared that his average distance of walking for a day is 8 miles. He noted that rare Pokemon like Snorlax and Lapras are the ones he got from a 10 kilometer egg, which would take about 6 miles to hatch. That alone would give you the idea how long he already walked for him to get all the Pokemon in the game.

Talking about walking, the master mentioned that you should do it on straight lines and not just by going around a circle as the game uses Distance Displacement Calculation, which would track the distance you have walked and not the steps you have taken. So, going around a circle would give you less credit for the distance you walked.

Lastly, every gamer should have battery packs when they go Pokemon hunting. It is a known fact that the game consumes a lot in terms of phone?s energy, which is why Johnson noted that for you to be able to play a lot, you will have to carry battery packs while travelling to avoid interruptions. Also, you should put your smartphones to ?low battery? mode to make your batteries last longer.

There you have it! Some tips from the very first Pokemon GO master that would help you become the second player in the world to capture all the creatures out there. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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