Top iPhone 8 Rumors We Know So Far

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iPhone 8 Rumors

The iPhone 7 has just recently been released. However, fans are already cannot wait to start talking about next year?s iPhone, which is expected to be the iPhone 8. While the iPhone 7 was a very pleasant surprise for many tech enthusiasts, the rumor mill has revealed that the iPhone 8 would be even better. That is why Apple fans are already curious about iPhone 8 rumors even if it will be released next year.

Apple is still currently focused on trying to market the iPhone 7, so it does not have the iPhone 8 on its marketing agenda just yet. Thankfully though there are several insiders who provided iPhone 8 leaks and rumors to the delight of detail-hungry consumers. If you are one of them, be sure to check out the top iPhone 8 rumors that we know so far.

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  • Curved OLED Screen ? One of the most exciting rumors about the iPhone 8 is that it could be Apple?s first smartphone with a curved OLED screen. BGR reports that the drastic change that fans have been asking for could finally arrive in 2017 with the curved OLED screen. Surely this is one huge change that iPhone fans will be happy to hear about.

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  • Completely Wireless iPhone ? The iPhone 7 removed the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack to the mixed reactions from consumers. It could be that Apple is not stopping there as CNET reports that it could be possible for the iPhone next year to be completely wireless. Wireless technology has become more mainstream in the past few years so this rumor is not entirely out of the question.

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  • No More Home Button ? The home button in the iPhone 7 has been redefined. It is not the traditional button any longer and thanks to 3D Touch it could be removed altogether in next year?s iPhone 8. A completely button-free iPhone is surely going to make headlines and will be something that Apple fans will greatly enjoy.

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These are simply rumors at this point, but certainly they are very intriguing features that the iPhone 8 could have. There is still a lot of time before the launch of the iPhone 8 so there may be several changes happening in the future.

Just be sure to check back here soon to find out the latest iPhone 8 rumors as well as leaks and details on other great gadgets which are releasing soon.

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