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Top Gear: BBC Show Axes Jeremy Clarkson; Twitter erupts in Outrage

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The Toybota, a Jeremy Clarkson creation. [By nahtanoj (flickr) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons]

We?ve always loved our cars, especially if they?ve been featured on Top Gear.

Top Gear has been a large force in influencing the choice for cars; at least, it was for me. The show did reviews of cars and they seem to know what they?re doing. The hosts?Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond?have become a permanent fixture on the show, and it appeared as if they would just host the show from 2003 until oblivion.

That dream has been shattered; as per BBC News, Jeremy Clarkson has been axed. We explore the details of why he was axed, as well as what drove BBC to take him out of the show. An additional article from Telegraph UK takes a look at the outrage that his axing had on the shows fans?many of which decided to air their indignation in popular social media outlet Twitter.

Jeremy Clarkson bows out of Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson, long-time host of the BBC show ?Top Gear?, finally sees the writing on the wall.

He, together with James May and Richard Hammond, piloted Top Gear from being just a boring car show and into the classy, flashy TV phenomena it had become, as per BBC News. However, BBC decided to cut Clarkson on grounds of being a ?talent who can get away with things?. This didn?t sit with the top brass, and BBC had to take action based on their revamp.

Would May and Hammond decide to come back? That remains to be seen, even as they are looking for replacements to take Clarkson?s place.

Twitter shows a variety of reactions

Even on social media, the magnitude of Jeremy Clarkson?s sacking was felt. Twitter users took to the social media site to voice out their opinions.

Some users became creative and the tag #RIPTopGear quickly became a trending topic after the confirmation of BBC Director-General Tony Hall about the sacking, as per Telegraph UK. It was a mixed bag of thoughts, really. There were some people who thought he cannot be replaced and many blamed BBC for the decision. However, others were creative enough to think that Clarkson could be replaced.

Jeremy Clarkson was an integral part of the show, but as he was reportedly being a bully on-set, that didn?t sit well with BBC. Nevertheless, his sacking may have signified the end of an era.

BBC?s Next Move

So what?s next for BBC? Regardless of his attitude, they thought Clarkson was the man to lead the show right to the very end. With him gone, it will be interesting to see if James May and Richard Hammond will stay on, or if they will replace them too with a whole new set of hosts.


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