Top Chef Season 14: Rookie or Veteran? Who Could Be the First Chef to Go?

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Top Chef Season 14

Top Chef Season 14 launched in Charleston, South Carolina and introduced eight newcomers that will feed our eyes with their kitchen skills. And who could forget about our former favorites who are back to show that they?re worthy to be called Top Chef.

Still, we all know it?s not just the Top Chef title that they?re back for. They?re also trying to get a hold of that $125,000 prize from San Pellegrino. And of course, the once in a lifetime chance of getting featured in the Food & Wine Magazine (plus the trip to the Food and Wine Festival in Aspen.)

But between the Rookies and Veterans who are set to serve us their winning dishes, who?s gonna be the first one to go home?

Top Chef Season 14 Premiere

The contender?s first quickfire began with the mystery ingredient hidden under a metal covering. And the challenge is to make as many dishes as they can in one hour using the hidden ingredient. Care to guess what it is?

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A whole chicken! Which, in my opinion, is a pretty good way to start.

However, they?re supposed to do so much in an hour, and the judges will have to taste their dishes on the spot.

And like in the previous seasons, the winner of the challenge will get immunity. On the other hand, the loser of the challenge will have to go through a sudden death quickfire.

Top Chef Season 14 Contenders

Our ?rookie? chefs are comprised of Jim Smith from Montgomery, Alabama; Emily Hahn of Charleston, South Carolina; BJ Smith of Portland, Oregon; Jamie Lynch of Charlotte, North Carolina; Gerald Sombright of Marco Island, Florida; Sylva Senat of Philadelphia; Silvia Barban of Brooklyn; and of course, Annie Pettry of Louisville, Kentucky.

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On the other hand, the chefs who will be trying to get the Top Chef title for the second time are Katsuji Tanabe of Season 12; John Tesar, Brooke Williamson, and Sheldon Simeon of Season 10; Amanda Baumgarten of Season 7; Shirley Chung of Season 11; Casey Thompson of Season 3; and who could forget our hunky chef, Sam Talbot, who?s back all the way back from Season 2.

Though we already have an idea how the second-timers roll on the kitchen, it?s still hard to assume who?s gonna win Top Chef Season 14. Just imagine how much they?ve prepared for their redemption. So there isn?t really reason for both newbies and veterans to take it easy.

What?s even more exciting is the dishes that were bound to see in the 14th Season of Top Chef. So you definitely have to stay tuned on The Bitbag for more Top Chef updates!

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Stay tuned to The Bitbag for updates on Top Chef.

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