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Top 6 super cute and relaxing bath products to add to your arsenal

Take a nice long bath with these super cute bath essentials!

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Take a nice long bath with these super cute and relaxing bath essentials from Nectar:

  • Pinkberry Marmalade Cupcake Soap
  • Fruit Smoothie Sugar Scrub
  • Periwinkle Bubble Scoops
  • Sugar Crush Foaming Bath Bombs
  • Candy Kiss Donut Soap
  • Ice Cream Cone Loofah Sponge

Never underestimate the power of a nice long bath! Taking a hot bath or shower actually has a lot of health benefits:

  • It improves your blood circulation.
  • It lowers your blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • It relieves muscle tension.
  • It helps relieve cold/flu symptoms.
  • It also helps people fall asleep faster.
  • It ensures cleaner and healthier skin.
  • It helps people feel better about themselves overall.      

As such, you shouldn’t feel guilty about sneaking in the shower ever again, especially after a really long day. You shouldn’t feel guilty about splurging on some super cute and relaxing bath essentials, either. We recommend shopping at Nectar.

The Pinkberry Marmalade cupcake soap is an irresistible and perfectly sweet bubbly treat that will sweeten up your self-care routine while leaving your skin squeaky clean. It is handmade with coconut and palm oil to help cleanse your skin with a creamy and moisturizing lather.

Feel as fresh as a summer orchard with the Fruit Smoothie Sugar Scrub! It consists of a blend of sugar and the sweet aroma of strawberry, banana, and peach combined with cranberry and blueberry seeds that are natural exfoliants to gently scrub all the stress away.

Submerge in a relaxing and luscious bubble bath when you crumble the Periwinkle Bubble Scoops into your tub! Each hand-scooped bubble is made with shea butter and apricot kernel oil, scented with a fragrance blend of tart Meyer lemons, delicate violets, and Egyptian musk.

Treat your skin to a pink and foamy bath experience with the Sugar Crush foaming bath bombs! Each slow-release bath bomb is made with Epsom salts, Kaolin clay, and safflower oil, scented with a sweet blend of Asian pear, lily, and pink sugar fragrance.

The Candy Kiss Donut Soap is a delicious pink cookie with a cute yellow star on top of a dollop of whipped cream! It is infused with a perfect blend of coconut, palm, and safflower oil, and pink sugar and cotton candy aromas.

Show your skin some love with the Ice Cream Cone loofah sponge! It is a fun, ice cream cone-shaped sponge that you can use with these bath essentials for a gentle and refreshing bath experience.

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